UNDER THE SIGN is a Parisian artisanal brand exploring the alternatives of the system.
Through a dark and mixed sensual identity, UNDER THE SIGN is defined by brutal and detailed visuals. From an instincitve way of creating, the former aesthetic has disappeared to leave space to a post industrialism atmosphere.
Our collections are made of unique pieces handcrafted exclusively from selected quality vintage clothing and deadstock fabrics. Our ambitious aim is to give a new perspective on avant-garde clothing and to push forward our vision of fashion. UNDER THE SIGN's uniqueness is its very own DNA. The designer's strong background in military clothing and its passion for artisanal processes are the baseground of all its creations.
Our message is set to be communicated through a serie of Rehabilitation Projects. Everything around us results from a previous creation process, our goal is to reinterpret used materials to bring timelessness.